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Feather + Finn Co. has been a long time coming for Catherine and Jacqueline. Since meeting more than 10 years ago, they have been searching for the perfect creative venture. A creative, passion project that would allow them to be thier own bosses.


In July 2019, when Jacqueline was 7.5 months pregnant, Catherine presented her with a cardboard box and out came the six original Feather + Finn scents — pink peony, garden, brewed, fresh sheets, farmhouse, and white tea.

Catherine said to Jacqueline something along the lines of “I know you’re about to pop but I want us to do this together so when you’re ready, let’s dooo this!”

Feather + Finn officially opened for business in October 2019 and they haven’t looked back since. They both took a huge leap of faith for themselves and their families and could not be happier that they did.




winter coffee order |

chai tea latte 

favorite flower |

pink + white peonies

her perfect day would start with sunshine on her face + end with a cup of tea + a good book in bed.  

favorite store | 


winter books to read |

fiona and jane by jean chen ho

distrupt-her by miki argawal

new years resolution |

move, create, organize, + grow




fall breakfast order |

unsweetened almond milk latte

favorite flower |

stargazer lilies

her perfect day would start with breakfast on the water with Anthony + Nellie + end with a home-cooked dinner followed by reading in bed.

favorite store | 


winter books to read |

the fourth trimester by kimberly ann johnson

booklovers by emily henry

the paris apartment by lisa foley

new years resolution |

move with intention every day