|  non toxic promise  |

we pride ourselves in creating products that do not include any of the following

carcinogens | these are materials known or thought to cause cancer. 

mutagens | materials that change the DNA of a cell, harming the cell + causing diseases like cancer. 


reproductive toxins | toxins that adversely affect reproductive organs +

 increase the risk of birth defects. 


organ toxins | these are toxins that can cause adverse effects or disease within specific bodily organs. 


acute toxins | toxins that can cause adverse effects from a single exposure. generally, this would be accidental exposure like spillage or ingestion. 



free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, + other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance



burns cleaner + produces as much as 90 percent less soot.

100% USA grown soy


flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton.

lead + zinc free.


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