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50 things that are so in this summer

Updated: Jun 7

according to the beach babes we love!

we asked + you delivered with the things you're excited to do or going to be prioritizing for yourself this summer.

some are simple, some are fun, some are groundbreaking ( hello, #40 )!

1. protect yourself from the sun - even if you're not at the beach!

2. go on a leisurely bike ride

3. random acts of kindness

4. make yourself a priority + schedule it "you time" into your week

5. dine al fresco every chance you get

6. hydration - water, moisturizer, hair masks... the works!

7. invest in your health

8. make homemade iced tea

9. less stress, more fun

10. spend at least 300 hours outside in june, july, + august

11. be a tourist in your own town

12. savor each moment rather than looking forward to the next

13. less scrolling - put the phone down!!

14. romanticize daily life

15. drink the bottle of wine you've been saving

16. get all dolled up for a girls' night out

17. light the candles

18. find a new, clean perfume

19. stop waiting for the "right" moment + trust your gut

20. wear the damn bikini

21. say "hell YES!" to more things that make you happy

22. try new recipes

23. day trips to enjoy new, local places

24. relax on the beach with a good book

25. remember REST IS PRODUCTIVE!

26. go thrifting for a new date night outfit

27. walk every day

28. connecting with your partner instead of your phone

29. let go of mom guilt

30. declutter... EVERYTHING!

31. completely unplug for at least two weekends

32. don't over schedule kids' activities

33. cook a meal completely from my garden

34. try a SUP yoga class

35. enjoy a kid free, girlfriends beach day

36. watch more sunrises

37. enjoy dinner on the beach

38. solo trip to the spa

39. spontaneous trips to the beach for a quick dip

40. frozen cocktails from cored out pineapples - we did the research for you on this one - you're welcome!

41. make homemade ice cream

42. hit up the raw bar

43. say "YES!" to the rum floater

44. wake up + see where the day takes you

45. host a wine tasting

46. plant a cut flower garden

47. start a compost bin

48. watch a thunderstorm

49. have a "yes" day with your kids

50. try a outdoor workout class

wishing you the best summer under the sun! xoxo

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