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behind the brand | 1620 oyster co.

Courtney, Jackie's life-long friend, recently took a leap of faith + turned her passion into a business -- 1620 Oyster Co. Locally sourced oyster + quahog shells become painted + decoupaged objects of beauty once Court gets her hands on them!

Courtney's creativity + attention to detail shine through in her shells + we are so excited to feature her products in our blooming market! Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at 1620 Oyster Co.!


When did you start your 1620 Oyster Co.?

I started 1620 Oyster Co. in fall 2020.

What inspired take the leap + start your business?

My friends + family really enjoyed the shells I was making. They inspired me to start an Instagram + Etsy page.

We love that all of your shells are found locally. Where do you source your shells?

Every couple of weeks, I buy a bundle of oysters from Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, MA. My husband + I get to enjoy them! Our quahog shells are from a beach in Newport, RI that my mother-in-law finds for me.

What do you enjoy the most about owning your own business?

I enjoy being able to put my own spin on things + really be personable with my customers.

Do you take custom orders from customers? If so, how should your customers reach out to you?

I do! I would say about 75% of the shells I make are custom orders. Customers interested in placing a custom order can message me on Instagram + we will work together to design a shell or shells!

What ( if any ) challenges do you face while trying to balance business, family, + you time?

Sometimes it is hard to balance my time. I usually work on shells while my son naps.

You learn so much about yourself when starting a business. What is something you’ve learned about yourself personally + professionally?

I realized that I enjoy having this creative outlet but I am not that great at the business side of things. I am slowly learning how to run a small business.

What about your business are you most excited about or what goals do you have for the future?

I am excited about making new products + continuing to grow. I would love to get our shells in a local shop here in Plymouth, MA!


1620 Oyster Co. ring dishes can now be found in our blooming market.

For additional information + products, visit Courtney on Instagram + Etsy!

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