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behind the brand | Nancy of Joye Gifts

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Nancy, of Joye Gifts, over the past 6 months. Located right on Front Street in Scituate Harbor, Joye is simply that, a joy of a shop. Joye is filled with women's accessories + gifts from local makers. We are honored to work with Nancy + are excited to share her story with you.


What inspired you to open Joye?

I had been managing my friend’s small gift store in a nearby town for several years and it was time for a change. A little store that I loved came up for sale in Scituate Harbor right at that time, and it gave me the opportunity to explore the idea of opening my own store - which had always been a dream. Everything aligned beautifully and I opened in April 2008.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business for 13 years. When I mention opening in 2008, most people who remember the terrible economic climate at that time look at me like I was crazy. And, honestly, I don’t remember worrying about that. I think my mix of reasonable pricing and eclectic offerings was a little bright spot for people, and there was nowhere to go but up at that point!

Tell us about the products you offer in your shop. What process do you have in choosing products to sell?

The store is a combination of women’s accessories and gifts. It started out as a home accessories store with a few women’s accessories peppered in. However, the tiny selection of jewelry, scarves, and handbags sold so much better than the home products, so it evolved into mostly women’s accessories with some gift items. Along the way came the discovery of so many talented local artists, and so it evolved further, and now Joye is a nice balance of both women’s accessories and handmade, local gifts. Over the last several years, especially, I have had the pleasure of being introduced to a growing number of female entrepreneurs and artists who are starting out their own businesses, (like Feather and Finn!) and I am thrilled to have so many great new products now represented at Joye!

What do you enjoy the most about owning your own business?

For me, the true enjoyment of my retail business is the interaction with my customers and the relationships that I have with so many nice people! It’s fun to make new friends every day and share in their holidays, birthdays, vacations - lots of happy, and some sad events too.

What ( if any ) challenges do you face while trying to balance business, family, friends, + your time?

Finding the balance IS the biggest challenge! It rarely is quite right, and the business can always use more time than is possible sometimes to give, and it frustrates me! Having the best husband, family and friends make it possible to keep it all in perspective!

You learn so much about yourself when starting/owning a business - what is something you’ve learned about yourself personally + professionally?

I guess I have learned that I’m a people-pleaser, and I love when people are happy with their shopping experience at the store, and their purchases. I do get a kick out of how much joy retail shopping brings to women (especially), and I love being a part of that!

What about your business are you most excited about for the future? What goals do you have for Joye?

My goals are quite simple...I hope Joye can survive whatever comes our way, and we can continue to provide interesting new products to our customers! The retail environment is tricky, but I still believe - and have seen firsthand - that the experience of shopping in small, boutique-style stores is still very important to many of us. The support that our local community showed to my store and to our town businesses during the pandemic was unbelievable - many of us are still in business and doing well thanks to the power of a caring community! I am excited to be here for many more years and to watch that community spirit develop even more.

What is the best piece of advice you have received during your time as a business owner?

“Get going with social media and find someone to do it for you!” (It is SO not my strength and so important!)


Joye is located in Scituate Harbor at 196 Front Street, Scituate, MA.

For additional information + products,

visit Nancy on Instagram + Joye.

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