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'it's gift for no reason' season!

never heard of it? wellllll... listen up!

seeing as we are still distancing + connection with our friends is primarily over the phone + computer screens, we have been looking for other ways to connect with the ones we love.

hence, 'gift for no reason' season! we've lined up the cutest, simplest essentials that all of our besties ( + us ) would LOVE to receive for this special season!


we can never have enough fun hair accessories. although none of us are actually going anywhere, we have found that a fun scrunchie or headband instantly brightens our day! gift your bestie no bad hair days with our two fav hair accessory gals!

viviandkay | headbands hodooly | spiral hair ties


at home manis are the way to go these days! catherine recently purchased

olive + june polish + is in LOVE!


jackie gifted herself + catherine a wellness journal this christmas + we are OBSESSED! we both use this journal first thing in the am + before we go to bed each night. treat your bestie to the perfect start + end a day!

papier | wellness journal


obviously! gift your bestie a fun + flirty candle to bring a little light into their home! our candles are the perfect way to elevate your bestie's space while keeping it non-toxic + clean.

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