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life is wild. recently facebook did a 'decade challenge' where you post a picture of yourself from a decade ago and a picture of yourself today. i didn't post mine, i typically don't jump on the band wagon for that kind of stuff. but, i did however look up my picture from a decade ago. BUT, the big BUT is when i saw where i was a decade ago and where i am today i felt this overwhelming sense that i am exactly where i am supposed to be. i also feel like i have changed so much personally but when i saw my picture i don't think i've changed at all. i wouldn't change my journey for the world though, and there have been so many lows and so many highs. i mean thats life right - however it has all brought me here in this moment where i've learned so much about myself and who i want to be. yup, who i want to be when i grow up - i am 33 years old and feel like i still have my entire life ahead of me to celebrate and share. so why am i sharing all this with you? well, because i have decided to start this creative venture and start a lifestyle brand - start my journey to who i want to be when i grow up. kicking it off with mostly candles with rad scents. my husband came up with our little biz name, FEATHER + FINN. it stuck instantly. i didn't even question it. i knew exactly what it meant and what it meant to the two of us.

FEATHER: my sweet first born son, Drake. Drake means duck and ducks have feathers.

FINN: my insanely giggly + happy second born son, Finn. i think that one is obvious.

these boys are my life. deciding to encompass their names as our brand name felt like an honor. they inspire me and keep my life thrilling. i also want my boys to know me as an independent woman, who follows her passions. i grew up watching my parents work hard and follow their professional dreams. seeing this helped shape me into the person i am today, woman i am today. i want that for my children, life isn't easy and i want them to know it takes work. lots and lots of work. but that work can be fun and exactly what you want to be doing.

we will start this brand out with mostly candles, but our hope is to grow. not only with our creative goods but also with other artisans goods. share their talents and stories. build a community of locals and shine some light on the incredibly talented people we are surrounded by. you'll watch us evolve and grow as a design brand - asking for your feedback. personalizing our goods to share with your friends and family - or keep for yourself of course. but ultimately open the doors to the unique and thoughtfully created goods we and other's have to offer.

welcome to my little piece of this crazy place called earth. i can't wait to share the rest of my life with you - and be a light in your home.

xo - catherine

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