|  recycle + repurpose  |


return your vessel using the recycle kit to help us reduce our company waste.

each vessel will be cleaned + refilled to shine new light.



use your burned through vessel as a make up brush holder, pencil holder, tealight dish, flower vase, + so much more.

recycle program kit  |  how it works


add recycle kit to an existing order.

use return kit to send us back 2 or more tumblers

( 12 oz and | or 6 oz )

and receive 10% off your next purchase.


kit includes |


return shipping label

water activated tape

4 pack of tealights

10% off promo code


*you must keep + use the box the original candle order was shipped in


1. re-use packing materials to securely package the tumblers or use recyclable materials around your home. ie: paper towels, newspaper, etc.


2. close + seal box with water-activated F+F packing tape. simply use some water +

a paper towel to dampen the adhesive side of the tape.


3. place the enclosed return shipping label on package +

deliver to your local post office.

4. enjoy 10% off your next purchase. promo code included in the kit.