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navigating + balancing motherhood + entrepreneurship

the mission | goods designed to elevate your space with nontoxic ingredients

without compromising quality + aesthetics.

the vision | to grow our brand while maintaining our authenticity + transparent nontoxic

promise through educating ourselves + our community.

mission + vision

what started as pouring a few candles in catherine's kitchen has now become a full time operation at the feather + finn workshop. racks of candles + spritz line the shop walls + orders ship daily nationwide.


Catherine + Jacqueline run the operations + day to day of the company all while balancing motherhood.  

a little history: 4 years ago the first feather + finn candle was poured. it was the perfect blend of luxury + warmth. the candle was named white tea + it became a staple in Catherine + Jacqueline’s homes. the idea of starting this new journey was both thrilling + intimidating. fast forward 1 year + what was going to be a side gig for both women started to turn into a full time job.


while learning + growing through the lessons of owning a product business, they stayed true to their vision of keeping each product nontoxic without sacrificing quality + esthetics. 

with lots of highs, lows, + everything in between, feather + finn has become a staple in so many homes.

our story

partnerships + collaborations

(to name a few)

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